Fiendish Fables

Fiendish Fables vol. 1
Publisher: Brain Scan Studios
Ongoing black & white anthology.

Stories: John Schlim Jr. & friends
Art: various

A collection of creepy short stories inspired by the classic horror comics that defined the genre! Submissions are encouraged; please visit the the About Fablehaus Studio page for more details.

Issue #1 lineup:

Writers: John Schlim Jr., William Ward, Samir Goel, Dirk Manning.
Artists: David Wachter, Joel Cotejar, John Fortune, Jesus Salas, Josh Taylor, Ayhan Hayrula, Alan Tham, Josh Shaffer, Sergio Quijada, Jeff Welborn, Bradd Mielke. Pinups by Amer Kokh, Sergio Lantadilla, Jason Jam, Nelz Yumul.
Cover by David Wachter. Back cover by Bong Abad.

48 pages | Black & White | $3.50 US | Brain Scan Studios
Available March 2007

Fiendish Fables 1 TM and © copyright (c) 2008 John Schlim Jr. All rights reserved.


Fiendish Fables: The Shack on Lovecraft Isle

Fans of the classic horror and suspense comics of yesteryear will be happy to hear about a new release in the FIENDISH FABLES series. The Shack on Lovecraft Isle is a tribute to influential writer H.P. Lovecraft, and is the first full-length comic in the series.

Judson Hendrick is surprised to learn that he’s inherited his Uncle Jasper’s island residence in Loon Harbor, New Hampshire…but not nearly as surprised as he is when he spends his first night on Lovecraft Isle. Mature Readers only due to nudity and sexual situations.

The comic is written by John Schlim Jr., illustrated by Alexander Levitas, and features cover artwork by David Wachter. Order it online from IndyPlanet

16 pages | Black & White | Mature Readers | $2.00 US | Dial R Studios

Fiendish Fables: The Shack on Lovecraft Isle TM and © Copyright John Schlim Jr. All rights reserved.